How to customize the imitation hot stamping T-shirt

When customizing the printing T-shirt , we can choose the printing process that we want, such as the imitation hot stamping process. Under the sun, it will shine like a pearl, and the prints will be dazzling. 

The imitation hot stamping T-shirt is very widely used, and the operation method is very simple. It not only saves energy, but also does not cause secondary pollution, and achieves clean production. It is an emerging environmentally friendly printing material.

Toning imitation hot gold paste

In the process of using the tonable imitation bronzing paste, first, in the grading, the aqueous color paste is directly added to the sizing color according to the requirements of the design pattern.

Then, when the bottom is made, in order to reduce the production cost and improve the competitiveness, it is recommended that the printing factory can use the transparent pulp to make the base according to the plane condition of the substrate, and then cover the imitation hot gold paste.

After the printing process is completed, there is the effect of bronzing gold stamping, and the imitation bronzing/silver printing has superior water resistance and abrasion resistance than bronzing paste printing.

Imitation foil print T-shirt customized process flow is the picture → drying mesh (80-100 mesh) toner → → → printing → drying → bottoming finished oh such a process.

What if the customized cotton T-shirt shrinks

Pure cotton should be the most exposed fabric in our daily life, especially clothing, cotton clothing is soft and comfortable to wear, sweat-absorbent and breathable, and the cost performance is relatively high. Nowadays, many companies, groups and individuals also like to customize cotton T- shirts . They can have their own custom T-shirts by printing their own patterns and texts on their clothes . However, the cotton T-shirt also has a shortcoming that it is easy to shrink.

Custom cotton T-shirt

If you choose a custom cotton T-shirt

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a T-shirt with better quality. A good quality cotton T-shirt will be pre-appeared in the process of production, which is to help you shrink in advance. Moreover, there will be a shrinkage, even after the T-shirt has just been washed, there is no need to worry about the use of shrinkage due to shrinkage.

Custom Cotton T-Shirt – Choose Blended Cotton T-Shirt

In fact, the cotton or cotton T-shirts that people often say in their mouths are basically not 100% cotton. In fact, you don’t have to blindly follow and stick to 100% cotton. Because in fact 100% cotton is very easy to wrinkle and deform. And the 100% cotton T-shirt has poor elasticity and support, and it doesn’t look good on the body.

Therefore, many cotton T-shirts and T-shirts are made of cotton fabric with 70% cotton and other fabrics, which can ensure the breathability and comfort of cotton at the same time, and at the same time be more beautiful and elastic.

Therefore, when selecting a T-shirt fabric, the following types of blended cotton can be selected.

1. Cotton polyester: 80% cotton + 20% polyester. It overcomes the shortcomings of cotton being easy to wrinkle and deform, and the moisture absorption is as good as that of pure cotton.

2. Cotton + nylon: It is elastic and has a silky feel and is comfortable to wear.

Good-looking printed hoodies custom printed

I don’t know if the friends have discovered that the fall has come quietly? The cool breeze in the autumn blows away the heat of summer nights. Soon, our summer dresses can be quietly returned to the closet, and the autumn clothes can be packed and taken out. Of course, the most common basic styles of autumn are indispensable to our hoodiess, and you know? Hoodiess can also be customized like T-shirts. Print our favorite designs on the hoodiess, even photos and texts, all of which are our own custom-made hoodiess.  

Custom hoodies pattern – gugugaga

A custom-made hoodies with “chicken and duck talk” is so lively and extraordinary, and the cute index is bursting. The yellow chick and the white duckling are really cute, and the cute playfulness will not help you. The text embroidery on the clothes and the chick duckling pattern are cute and cute. When you wear it, you feel that you are the little chicken or duckling, cute and cute. 
 A loose hoodies version can be added inside without a bloated look.

Custom hoodies pattern – rabbit and star

This custom hoodies pattern is too cute and too young, and it is not the kind that OMG can’t. I never thought that the dark color can be a sweet feeling, and this one has done it. In fact, the style of the custom hoodies is mainly determined by our custom pattern. Dark blue and black have the same slimming effect and are also stain resistant. The print on the front of the hoodies has a bright color, which is in sharp contrast with the color of the body. The pattern of the stars and the English rabbit with a bag of stars are all showing your cuteness and cuteness.

Custom hoodies pattern – happy duck today

This custom-made hoodies hooded opening design does not have a neck, loose version, does not pick people to wear, cover the meat and is thin, loose version can be added inside a piece does not appear bloated or tight stretch. The theme of the custom-made hoodies pattern “Today’s Happy Duck” is interesting. The overall color is white and orange. The color is bright and 
will not become the background board when walking in the crowd. The key white yellow color is white, and it can be found back in the summer sun.

To take you to understand the professional fabric terminology of online clothing customization

Nowadays, when we customize clothing on the Internet, we often encounter some technical terms. The so-called interlaced mountains, we will be confused by various professional names. Do you know the terms of yarn count, warp and weft density, shrinkage rate, etc. When we customize clothing online, we also need to understand some related terms, so that we can communicate with customized merchants and make satisfactory clothes.

  In the custom fabric of clothing, the yarn count is the basic unit of the finished fabric. The number of the yarn count is inversely proportional to its thickness. The larger the number, the thinner the finer, and the corresponding quality requirements for the raw material (cotton) are higher. The yarn count of the bedding fabric is generally divided into 21, 30, 40, 60, and 80 according to the thickness. The common bedding is 40. The suitable bedding yarn should be 40 twill fabrics in the summer and 21 plain fabrics in the winter.

The warp and weft density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged per square inch. As commonly seen, “40×40/128×68” means 40 warp yarns and weft yarns respectively, and the warp and weft density is 128×68, which is also the choice of bedding. An important technical indicator of the purchase, the higher the bed density of the same count, the better, the high support can be high density. The reason why sweaters can keep warm is because there are 250 yarns per square inch, and the fine density brings high heat retention.

  The shrinkage of the fabric refers to the percentage of fabric shrinkage after washing or immersion. In general, fabrics with a high shrinkage rate are synthetic fibers and blended fabrics, followed by wool, linen, and cotton. “Objectively speaking, there are some problems in shrinking and fading of cotton fabrics. The key is to finish the finishing of the fabric. Therefore, the general textile fabrics have been pre-shrinked.” Experts said that after pre-shrinking treatment does not mean not shrinking, but The shrinkage rate is controlled within the national standard, and such products can be purchased with confidence.

In the custom clothing industry, there is often a time when the custom communication process occurs. We want to get a custom-made clothing that is satisfactory. These related terms are still necessary to know about it.

Tips for making a custom-made T-shirt wrinkle-free

 In summer, the most clothes we wear should be T-shirts. Nowadays, many young people choose to customize T-shirts in order to show their personality, or to promote corporate style and publicity for businesses. Usually T-shirts are custom-made T-shirts. The bottom shirt is printed with patterns and texts that you like or design. T-shirts have a very troublesome problem, that is, wrinkled, crumpled T-shirts are really affecting the appearance of the body, and not everyone has the energy to iron each T-shirt one by one, this is We need to pay attention to some details when cleaning, wearing, and folding T-shirts. 

1. When you are wet, you should dry it, and put the custom T-shirts neatly. If you do it, it will not be easy to wrinkle. There are special places to pay attention when drying T-shirts: the collar should be as good as when it is worn, and the clothes should be flattened. It is best to find hangers that are about the same width as the shoulders. If the hangers are too small, the T-shirts will have two hangers on the shoulders. If the hangers are too wide, the hangers will be easy to have on the sleeves. Solution, you can find two clips, adjust the rotator cuff of the T-shirt to the position of this, and clip it with a clip. If you are worried that the T-shirt will hang up and may be out of shape, you can also buy a flat basket (like a bamboo pole) that can be used to dry clothes, so that it will not be out of shape.

2. Also pay attention to the custom T shirts, stack the T-shirts neatly. To understand why a T-shirt will wrinkle, it is mainly pressed in an incorrect way. So try to avoid this situation. Therefore, try to stack the T-shirts neatly. It is best to stack the plastic bags in the T-shirts. The T-shirts and T-shirts should also be separated by plastic bags. In this way, when some of the extrusion, the plastic will buffer a part of the pressure, in addition, can also reduce the friction between the clothing. Very slippery, generally not easy to wrinkle. Or just hang up the T-shirt directly.

White t-shirt how to use the easiest way to wash

Whenever the summer is coming, the friends must find out the clothes from last year’s wardrobe. Of course, there are enough talented and talented friends to choose to wear a season of clothes and throw them directly…but for Of course, ordinary people will not be so extravagant. The summer clothes are definitely the largest T-shirts. Who doesn’t love casual T-shirts? But when you find out the white T-shirt last year from the closet, you may find that the original white T-shirt has become dark yellow and completely lost its former luster. At this time, the idea of ​​many small partners may be to buy again, but if it is just the favorite white T-shirt, it is very reluctant.  

bleaching powder

Cleaning with bleach is of course the easiest and the easiest way to think of it. However, the white bleach is suitable for pure white T-shirts. If there is a color print on the T-shirt, you can choose to use the color float.

Taomi water

Taomi Shui can be said to be an “artifact”. I have heard that washing your face with Taomi Shui can rejuvenate your skin. It can be used to wash your hair. You know that Taomi Shui can also help our white T-shirt “renewed.” “? Put our long-timed white T-shirt into the rice water, then add the right amount of laundry detergent to clean it. After drying, it will be a pure white T-shirt.

baking soda

Baking soda is also a must-have for home travel. We can prepare a pot of warm water, put a small amount of small Su hair, soak the white T-shirt in water for three or four hours, then wash the T-shirt in the usual way, and let our T-shirt turn white after drying.

Why does Bath Curtain Always Stick to Inside

 “The inletting of shower curtains is one of the most annoying things about standing in a bathtub and taking a shower,” according to photoshop, which was involved in discussing the “mystery” back in 1938.At the time we thought the phenomenon was caused by the movement of air currents.The hot air generated by the shower tends to rise, while the cold air outside tries to fill the space left by the hot air, thus pushing the bottom of the shower curtain.

But there’s a flaw in this theory: shower curtains are actually put in during cold showers.What are we missing?Perhaps it is the flow of water from the shower that drives the air around it, causing the pressure to drop.The low pressure inside the shower curtain allows the outside air to fill in.

David Schmidt, a professor of mechanical engineering at the university of Massachusetts at Amherst, decided to test the theory.In 2001, he designed a computer model of the bathroom — equipped with a shower, bathtub and shower curtain rod — and found that the flow of the shower stirred the air around it, creating a “slanting dust storm,” a mini-storm whose eye was a low-pressure zone.If the water pressure is sufficient and the curtain is not so crisp, the air outside will push the curtain toward the center of the vortex.

It was the most cutting-edge discovery in the field of “shower curtain physics” — until 2007, when physics teacher Peter Eastwell published an article about an unusual shower he took at an Australian hotel.He adjusted the height of the shower curtain, the water temperature and the distance between the shower and the shower curtain, and found that hot water affected the shower curtain more than cold water.He also found that the effect disappeared when the water was closer or farther from the shower curtain.This is consistent with Schmidt’s finding that turbulent water is what stirs up the air.

It would have been up to Schmidt to actually test his computer model, but unfortunately he had lost interest in pursuing this trivial issue further and decided to give up.”I’m done with the shower curtain. My wife joked that my epitaph would be shower curtain brother.'”He said.

How Much do you Know About the Shower Curtain in the Bathroom

In order to separate the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, many owners will do some dry and wet separation design.In all sorts of methods, the practice that number prevents water bath curtain is the most simple and convenient, the price also is the most substantial.Waterproof shower curtain price is lower, is acceptable to the public family, that waterproof shower curtain price is about how much?How much is dimension of curtain of waterproof bath, ply more appropriate?Let us take these questions, together to understand the price of waterproof shower curtain related content!

In order to separate the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, many owners will do some dry and wet separation design.In all sorts of methods, the practice that number prevents water bath curtain is the most simple and convenient, the price also is the most substantial.Waterproof shower curtain price is lower, is acceptable to the public family, that waterproof shower curtain price is about how much?How much is dimension of curtain of waterproof bath, ply more appropriate?Let us take these questions, together to understand the price of waterproof shower curtain related content!

How much is the waterproof shower curtain

Because this product material USES many kinds, the brand many kinds, the craft also has the very big difference, therefore its market price difference is big.The price of waterproof shower curtain of common material is about 20-30 yuan, the price of waterproof shower curtain of medium end material is about 30-50 yuan, the price of high-grade shower curtain is about 50-80 yuan per square meter.In order to let the bathroom have better use experience, suggest everyone can according to their own economic budget, to choose better quality waterproof shower curtain.

  What is the size of waterproof shower curtain

It not only plays the role of waterproof, but also plays the role of shielding privacy, it needs to be opened when using, so when we buy waterproof shower curtain, we should pay attention to the width of the shower curtain is much wider than the position used.If the width of the bathroom or bathtub is 170cm, we need to buy a shower curtain over 200cm.The height of the shower curtain is about 180-200cm, but it should be noted that the length of the shower curtain should not be too long, not mop the floor, it is best to be about 1-2cm away from the ground.If the shower curtain is too long or mops the floor, it will tear easily during use and leave the bathroom wet.

Waterproof shower curtain thickness appropriate

Perhaps some people think its thickness is a few thicker, its waterproof effect is better, actually this kind of idea is wrong.Shower curtain is not the thicker the better, too thick fabric will affect the breathable and waterproof shower curtain.Thick shower curtains dry slowly when exposed to water, and shower curtains are prone to many small moldy spots.Generally speaking, the thickness of waterproof shower curtain in 0.1-0.15mm is more appropriate.

Which kind of waterproof shower curtain material is good

Generally speaking, what we use more is plastic kind of bath curtain, the waterproof of this kind of bath curtain is good, design design is richer also.Plastic shower curtain can be divided into three kinds of EVA, PEVA, PVC material, PEVA and EVA belong to environmental protection material, which EVA is the best and most high-end new environmental protection material, soft and smooth, hang down feeling good, elastic, smell no odor, is currently the feel and drape the best shower curtain material, so the price will be higher.

Floor rug and Health

People move into new house often buy floor rug to decorate the bedroom one time.

However, floor rug has a subtle harm to people’s bodies, which is often not known.

floor rug fabric because of its warp and weft line more coarse, space is bigger, the most easy to accumulate dust.Trace amounts of dust and fine eaves spread into the indoor air, contaminating the clean air.Heating indoor heating through the winter, these dust particles will change the original nature, become a more harmful gaseous material to the human body.

In recent years, a kind of disease caused by floor rug appears in Japan, the patient is much department young child.Its main symptom is fever does not go back, after taking medicine the effect is not big.Then his tongue swelled, his hands peeled, and in severe cases he died.

This is caused by mites, which breed in floor rugs.The microbe feeds on cellular debris from human skin, which can cause disease once it enters the lungs or bronchi.And child resistance is weak, love to play on floor rug again, reason disease rate is highest.

The expert suggests had better not use the floor rug of big piece to spread the floor completely;The 2nd it is to choose board of woodiness ground to spell together spread the ground;The third is to use the floor leather floor;Fourth, put a small floor rug in front of the bed and sofa.