Floor rug and Health

People move into new house often buy floor rug to decorate the bedroom one time.

However, floor rug has a subtle harm to people’s bodies, which is often not known.

floor rug fabric because of its warp and weft line more coarse, space is bigger, the most easy to accumulate dust.Trace amounts of dust and fine eaves spread into the indoor air, contaminating the clean air.Heating indoor heating through the winter, these dust particles will change the original nature, become a more harmful gaseous material to the human body.

In recent years, a kind of disease caused by floor rug appears in Japan, the patient is much department young child.Its main symptom is fever does not go back, after taking medicine the effect is not big.Then his tongue swelled, his hands peeled, and in severe cases he died.

This is caused by mites, which breed in floor rugs.The microbe feeds on cellular debris from human skin, which can cause disease once it enters the lungs or bronchi.And child resistance is weak, love to play on floor rug again, reason disease rate is highest.

The expert suggests had better not use the floor rug of big piece to spread the floor completely;The 2nd it is to choose board of woodiness ground to spell together spread the ground;The third is to use the floor leather floor;Fourth, put a small floor rug in front of the bed and sofa.

Some Tips on Floor rug Maintenance

1.Clean up in time.Use vacuum cleaner to clean every day, do not wait until a large number of besmirch and dirt infiltration floor rug fiber after cleaning, only often clean, ability is easy to clean.When cleaning the floor rug, pay attention to clean the floor under the floor rug.

2.Use evenly.Floor rug shop is used after a few years, had better adjust put a position, make wear and tear even.If there are any bumps or bumps, pat them gently or use a steam iron.

3.Decontamination method.Ink available citric acid to wipe, wipe a place to wash, and then with a dry towel to wipe moisture: coffee, cocoa, tea stains can be used glycerin away: fruit juice can use cold water to add a small amount of dilute aqua ammonia solution to remove: paint stains into gasoline in washing powder with gruel, to paint in the evening, after waiting for the next morning with warm water cleaning and moisture blot with a dry towel.

4.Remove foreign bodies.Floor rug falls the material with some of downy, confetti and other light quality, vacuum cleaner can solve.If be not careful to break a glass on floor rug, usable some wider tape paper sticks broken glass: be like broken glass to show powdery, usable cotton dips in water to stick, reoccupy vacuum cleaner sucks.

5.Floor rug has coke mark, not serious when, usable bristle brush or nickel will burn out the wool of the part is brushed if serious coke mark is in, reoccupy book presses above, wait until dry hind, in undertake combing.

6.Dust the floor rug.Sweep floor rug after soaking broom in soapy water, maintain broom wet, sprinkle next on fine salt, reoccupy broom is swept, wipe with dry dishcloth finally clean.When clean floor rug, conditional can wash chemical fiber floor rug, air is dry.I have to spend some time and time in the sun and spend it on rugs, and try to remove the dust from them by turning them over and slapping them on a string.This will also be effective in killing mites on floor rugs.

Vinegar to get rid of pet odors on the floor rug.Add 4 cups of vinegar to 4 cups of heated water, soak and wring dry with a towel and wipe.Vinegar will not only keep the floor rug from discoloring or fading, but it will also get rid of pet odors.After wiping, put it in ventilated place again air – dry can.When floor rug dirt removes a law to clear floor rug, can sprinkle a bit salt first, have restrain the function that dirt flies in the air.Because salt traps dust, even the smallest particles can be cleaned up.In the meantime, still can let floor rug become more durable, often keep color gorgeous.

8. How to remove coffee stains from the floor rug.If do not take care to sprinkle coffee on the floor rug, can use dry cloth or tissue to absorb moisture, mix again the liquor of same amount and alcohol sprinkle on besmirch, pat with dry cloth wipe clean.If white wine is not available, vinegar has the same effect.In view of this, in the home if there is the liquor that drinks to remain, but be apt to make full use of, maintain house cleanness.In addition to coffee, the same method can be used to remove food stains, including black tea, that are prone to staining.

9. How to remove gum stuck to the floor rug.First, use plastic bags with ice to press on the top of the gum to solidify the gum, and then use your hand to test, until the gum is completely hard, then use a brush or toothbrush to remove it, and finally brush thoroughly clean.Do not want arbitrary use chemical diluent medicaments, because such can make floor rug damage instead, gain outweighs lose.

Floor rug Material

Floor rug is made of high grade pure wool, pass again choose wool, wash wool, comb wool, dye, weave blanket, cut piece, wash wait for working procedure processing and become.It has the characteristics of fine wool quality, unique technique and elegant design, which makes it stand out in the world and is the main export handicraft of China.

Floor rug is the ground cover that uses raw material such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, coir palm or chemical fiber to process and become.Including hand-tufted Floor rugs, machine-made Floor rugs and hand-made felt Floor rugs.Broad sense still includes matting, cushion, wall to hang, tabernacle, saddle pad, door shade, stage blanket to wait.In the neolithic age, people twisted animal hair into yarn and wove thick woollen products to pave the ground.The Floor rug fragments unearthed from the tombs of the eastern han dynasty in China are typical hand-tufted Floor rugs.After the han dynasty, the silk road promoted Floor rug production in central China.In the yuan dynasty, the Mongolian people lived a nomadic life, so the Floor rug production was developed.During the Ming and qing dynasties, Floor rug production in xinjiang,   Tibet, gansu, ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other regions developed. On the basis of inheriting the traditional Floor rug technology and combining the characteristics of brocade and embroidery, unique auspicious Floor rug patterns were created, which have been spreading all the time.In the 20th century, Beijing and tianjin established enterprises to produce Floor rugs for export and became the key production areas of        Floor rugs in China.The traditional producing areas of hand-knotted Floor rugs in the world are concentrated in east Asia, central Asia and countries at the border of Europe and Asia.Since 1720, the first British Floor rug loom in Brussels, the machine-made Floor rug came into being. Up to now, the machine-made Floor rug has accounted for 99% of the world’s total consumption, while the hand-made Floor rug only accounts for 1%.Floor rug classification methods are many, according to the manufacturing process divided into hand-tufted Floor rug, hand-woven plain Floor rug, hand-tufted Floor rug, hand-made Floor rug, mechanism Floor rug;Floor rug, kang blanket, tapestry, prayer blanket, etc.By raw material cent has wool Floor rug, silk blanket, jute Floor rug, chemical fiber Floor rug to wait.

Floor rug also known as lichen, that is, spread on the floor of the woven goods.The Floor rug of China has a long history. As early as 2000 years ago, xinjiang in the west of China produced Floor rug and could weave all kinds of patterns.Later the craft that weaves Floor rug passes into central plains area, applicable area is more and more wide.Bai juyi, a great poet of the tang dynasty, wrote in his poem “red thread Floor rug” that “people who don’t know the cold should be warm, and people’s clothes should be taken away for lichen”.According to literature record, arrive in tang song Ming and qing dynasties, the breed of Floor rug is increasing, the Floor rug that makes, often make with cotton, wool, hemp and paper rope wait for raw material to weave and become.Woven Floor rug produced in China USES high-strength veil yarn as warp and ground weft, on which colored coarse woof weft is tied according to the pattern to form plush, which is then woven through the process of shearing and brushing.The facade is densely packed with standing plush, solid texture, good elasticity.Especially in xinjiang hetian region produced by the more valuable Floor rug, the “Oriental Floor rug” reputation.The Floor rugs produced there are not only of good quality, but also of great yield.It is also exported to Europe, central Asia and more than a dozen countries and regions.Among them, the largest Floor rug was a 1,250kg Floor rug woven by urumqi Floor rug factory for xinkhai hall of the great hall of the people in 1981, which was praised as the “king of Floor rugs”.In 1966, a cotton blanket was unearthed in lanxi, zhejiang province. It is 2.51 meters long and 1.18 meters wide. It is plain weave, with velvet on both sides and flat and thick.After identification, the material used is straw cotton fiber.This cotton Floor rug was woven in the southern song dynasty.This is the earliest cotton blanket ever made.Thus it can be seen that Floor rug weaving technology had reached a very high level at that time.

At present, xinjiang promoted Floor rug ironing new technology step by step again, make the quality of Floor rug has rise again.The 540 and 720 Floor rugs they developed are exquisitely crafted and of high artistic value.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Shower Curtain

The area of your home where most of the water vapor accumulates is where you take a bath.You don’t know it, and bacteria just jump in.The air above the tub has the most bacteria, which are harmful to the body.Be sure to clean up in time. Open the window after a shower to ventilate.Especially the shower curtain hanging in the bathroom, to pay special attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the shower curtain:

Maintenance of shower curtain

The shower curtain should be opened after the shower to allow air circulation and prevent mildew.Can use silica gel to prevent mildew, hang a bag of silica gel can absorb moisture, if stains can not be removed, you need to buy a new shower curtain.Scrub with a sponge soaked in slightly wet soapy water. Use an old toothbrush or cotton swab to wash wet and dusty stains on the shower or tub door rails.Should use the cloth cleanness of scour or dip vinegar water shower room door regularly, in case scale generation.

Cleaning the shower curtain

The cleaning of canvas shower curtain

1. A canvas or cotton curtain, like any other cotton fabric, is washed with hot soapy water, washed and then ironed.Most shower curtains just need to be dried.Mildewy spot is difficult to clear, can try to wash with light bleach solution, wipe dry next.

2. if you are too lazy to start work to brush bath curtain, can add bath curtain bubble in washing machine, add 8 after 4 cups of vinegar static buy overnight to give washing machine to clean again.This method can not only sterilize, but also neutralize all the dirt and save the trouble of brushing the shower curtain.

Cleaning of plastic shower curtain

Use vinegar to remove soap bubbles, mold, and grease from shower curtains. Make them look new.The bottom of a shower curtain is the hardest to scrub, so you can scrub it with salt water with a brush, because the tiny particles of salt can produce a gritty effect.

Shower Curtain With “Thorns”

It’s an extreme measure to save water – a shower curtain that physically ejects the user after four minutes.
Specifically targeted at those who spend leisurely periods of time in the bathroom, London-based artist, Elisabeth Buecher, created the unique product to force people to change their water-wasting habits.

Named ‘Spiky’, the shower curtain features soft plastic spikes which lie flaccid during the shower, and upon reaching the time limit, dramatically inflate and jut outwards, forcing the user out.
‘Spiky’ functions by rigging the tap with a sensor which triggers the non-painful spikes after reaching the four-minute limit.
The colorful soft spikes are attached to a plastic shower curtain, and after expanding with air, trap the bewildered user, ensuring the shower swiftly becomes an uncomfortable and cramped experience.

In the humorous demonstration images, a woman is seen having a shower in a stall, with the spikes hanging loosely on the wall. She is seen to be engaging in some in-shower singing, wasting water while taking her leisurely wash.
The soft spikes are next seen to inflate and immediately jut into the terrified user, who clutches on frantically. She tries to reclaim her balance, and is unable to continue her enjoyable experience, as the spikes take up all available space.
Although undoubtedly an ingenious water-saving tool, many have questioned its flexibility, particularly for those that need to wash their hair – an exercise which will certainly last longer than four minutes.
However, as it stands, the shower curtain is currently only an art installation and not available for commercial sale.
But the artist has told Huffington Post: ‘I would love to develop it into a commercial product. People get very excited about it for lots of different reasons … design, ecology, education, art.
The light-hearted invention is part of the textile-based artist and educator’s project, My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior.

How do you Match a Black Hoodie

Hooded paragraph hoodies already became the new favour of young men and women, it itself is young fan wear build necessary, combine the design of hooded cap, gutless cool and recreational breath, be loved by tide men deeply.Casual daily street, a black joker hoodie, a simple head can easily go out, do not bother to wear the idea, can still be fashionable !

This hoodie is simple and bold, with abstract figures and monogram prints on the front. It’s creative, stylish and stylish.Hooded drawstring design, comfortable and casual wear, fully show the trend of han fan.The letter embroidery on the sleeve is exquisite and stylish, improving the overall trend quality.

Black hooded hoodie for casual wear.The printing design of individual character on the chest has simple sense very much, contracted and not simple, the design feels dye-wood.Delicate ribbed cuff, slim fitting, neat and convenient to wear.This hoodie, spring casual versatile, show energy handsome personality.

Straight collar, combined with delicate drawstring, comfortable and warm.Careful shoulder splicing design, modify shoulder line.Chest cracked letter printing, rich overall details.Rib cuff, close to wrist skin, windproof and warm.Rib hem, shaping the neat shape of a stylish man.

The hooded drawstring style of this hoodie is classic and fashionable, adding a casual and energetic atmosphere.The patchwork stripes on the sleeves are fashionable and eye-catching, adding a sense of trend and breaking the traditional single feeling.Hem and cuff of the body design, wearing natural fit, casual and comfortable, very versatile.

Hooded design, youthful vitality, drawstring is both practical and decorative.Kangaroo stick bag is very convenient and practical, the letter on the chest print, highlight the trend of personality.Classic black and white, high street style, very versatile.The zipper pocket decoration on the sleeve, individuality has fan, embellishment detail design.

“Lao Gan Ma” Hoodies Appear During Fashion Feek

If you want to know who the national goddess is, it must be Lao gan ma.The original queen of the tongue is on the cutting edge of fashion. The “Lao gan ma” hoodie was the highlight of the New York fashion week China day promotion.The hoodie has a red background and carries the iconic Lao gan ma logo on its chest.Known for conquering people’s taste buds, Lao gan ma is undoubtedly showing off her “appearance level” to the world, displaying a “local taste” fashion.And this style seems to be quite popular with foreigners, there have been several stores.

In addition, at this New York fashion week, yunnan baiyao, shuangmei, master kong and other national brand logos also appeared in different styles of clothing.It can be seen that these national brands are trying to break the traditional pattern out of the new road.

However, the development of national brands now really needs innovation and transformation, and needs to constantly meet the needs of consumers, especially the needs of the younger generation, so as to make them “stay young”.Of course, the emergence of “Lao gan ma”, “yunnan baiyao” and other clothes does not mean that they abandon the original main brands to enter the fashion industry, but to increase the degree of fashion and exposure to attract the attention of young consumers.

This is not uncommon. For example, at New York fashion week earlier this year, li ning, a domestic brand, appeared on the international stage with fashionable clothes that overturned the stereotype of sports in many people’s minds.Li ning, which was once stuck in a growth bottleneck, has gained attention by trying to transform itself, and its share price has continued to rise to a six-year high.
In recent years, more and more Chinese brands have appeared at New York fashion week, including well-known Chinese clothing brands such as li ning, bosideng and soma, and gradually national brands such as Lao gan ma and yunnan baiyao have also participated in the crossover.This not only reflects the development needs of globalization, but also represents the attempt of old brands to seek innovation and transformation.In the ever-changing market environment, the younger generation of consumer groups are leading the mainstream.Therefore, the development of national brands also needs to keep pace with The Times to adapt to the changing consumer demand.

How to Remove the Pattern From the Hoodie

Sometimes, we may buy hoodies on a whim, impulse shopping, and then go home and don’t like the pattern, at this time we can remove the print on it?Learn how to get rid of the print on your hoodie!
How to remove the pattern from the hoodie

  1. If it’s offset, heat the iron.
  2. Then flatten your patterned clothes and use an unused towel or fabric tip, but be thin and lay it over the pattern.
  3. Then use an electric iron for repeated ironing.So that the pattern sticks to the towel.
    What do you use to remove the offset from the hoodie
  4. the hair dryer heats up
    Get a hair dryer and start blowing hot air at the spot where you want to remove the offset marks. This will make the offset marks soft and sticky.
  5. with a knife
    Find a small art knife, first oil offset printing clothes with a hairdryer blow, and then use a knife gently scratch those offset marks, if you are worried about scratching clothes, then find a small file directly file is ok.
  6. tape
    After the first two ways to do, clothes will certainly be some offset, at this time take the tape to stick on it, with your fingers to press and then quickly tear off, these remaining offset will be removed.
  7. iron
    Come, at this time, the electric iron but ceremonious stage, if the above three methods can not be removed, electric iron kept ironing these offset printing quickly, remember, ironing the opposite oh.
    Can the pattern on the hoodie be washed off?
    The patterns on the clothes need to be removed. Generally, they cannot be removed by washing. We suggest you consult a professional hot stamping shop for treatment.Washing clothes needs to check the washing labels of clothes. Washing clothes according to the precautions on the washing labels can effectively prolong the wearing life of clothes.

What Body Type is a Hoodie Suitable for

Hoodies can be worn by anyone of any size, just choose the right size.
In fact, there is no wrong person on the clothes, only the wrong place.The type of clothing is not only for those who can wear, but according to the needs of the occasion according to the classification.Hoodies can be worn by people of all sizes, but they should be worn in more casual places.If it is everyone and business partners in business negotiations, in a more solemn place, then no matter how good you wear hoodies, it is better to change into a more solemn suit is better.Hoodies are best worn in private.

This hoodie positioning is related to, initially, do you know who is suitable for wearing hoodies, in fact, they are factory workers.People can wear it to protect themselves, but also more convenient to work, will not worry about the clothes on the large movement obstacles.Later, people gradually found its comfort, then through constant development, constant change innovation, become now leisure, sports enthusiasts very favorite style.It has also become a favorite type of clothing for people who like freedom and pursue individuality. If you really want to say that hoodies are suitable for anyone, it is people who pursue individuality and a comfortable life.

Every hipster will have at least one hoodie, not only because of its comfort, but also because this natural and unpretentious way of dressing has been accepted by the new concept, this casual and more prominent wearer’s confidence!
A hoodie with long sleeves and a thick thickness for winter wear.This time can improve the function of the body, ensure the warmth of the body.So what kind of hoodies are suitable for spring and autumn? This era is also dominated by thick hoodies. Of course, compared with winter, the thickness can be reduced appropriately.And what hoodie is given over to in summer, summer is a charming season, this time put on a tight hoodie skirt, or nifty hoodie short outfit is very good.Each season what to wear hoodies, there are specific ways to wear.It’s a different kind of comfort.

What Is A Hat

A cap, a garment worn on the head, most often covering the entire top of the head.Hats are mainly used to protect the head, and some hats have protruding edges to block out the sun.Hat has shading, decoration, warming and protection and other functions, so there are a lot of categories, the choice also has a lot of attention.

Hats can also be used for grooming. First choose the right hat according to the face shape.Second, choose a hat according to your figure.Wearing a hat is like wearing a dress.The form and color of the hat must match the dress.Hats can also be used to protect hairstyles, cover bald heads, or as part of a uniform or religious dress.Different kinds, such as high hat, sun hat and so on.Some hats have an overhanging canopy called a visor.Wearing hats has different etiquette in different cultures.This is especially important in western cultures, where wearing a hat used to be a social status symbol.

Hat types have many varieties, according to the use of points, there are snow cap, rain cap, sun hat, helmet, dust cap, nightcap, work cap, travel cap, hat, etc.;According to the objects and styles used, there are men’s hats, women’s hats, children’s hats, ethnic minority hats, lovers’ hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military hats, police hats, professional hats, etc.According to the production materials, professors have a hat, felt hat, wool hat and long hair fu cap, top hat, straw, bamboo hat, etc;According to the style characteristic cent, has the beret, the duck cap, the bell cap, the triangle pointed cap, the forward cap, the youth cap, the shawl cap, the brimless cap, the longjiang cap, the jing type cap, the shanxi cap, the cotton ear cap, the octagonal cap, the melon skin cap, the tiger head cap and so on.
Hat is still a kind of fashionable decoration in modern times, which is pursued by many fashionable young people.Different hats can be worn on different occasions, with high practicality.Choosing the right hat can also show off your personality.