White t-shirt how to use the easiest way to wash

Whenever the summer is coming, the friends must find out the clothes from last year’s wardrobe. Of course, there are enough talented and talented friends to choose to wear a season of clothes and throw them directly…but for Of course, ordinary people will not be so extravagant. The summer clothes are definitely the largest T-shirts. Who doesn’t love casual T-shirts? But when you find out the white T-shirt last year from the closet, you may find that the original white T-shirt has become dark yellow and completely lost its former luster. At this time, the idea of ​​many small partners may be to buy again, but if it is just the favorite white T-shirt, it is very reluctant.  

bleaching powder

Cleaning with bleach is of course the easiest and the easiest way to think of it. However, the white bleach is suitable for pure white T-shirts. If there is a color print on the T-shirt, you can choose to use the color float.

Taomi water

Taomi Shui can be said to be an “artifact”. I have heard that washing your face with Taomi Shui can rejuvenate your skin. It can be used to wash your hair. You know that Taomi Shui can also help our white T-shirt “renewed.” “? Put our long-timed white T-shirt into the rice water, then add the right amount of laundry detergent to clean it. After drying, it will be a pure white T-shirt.

baking soda

Baking soda is also a must-have for home travel. We can prepare a pot of warm water, put a small amount of small Su hair, soak the white T-shirt in water for three or four hours, then wash the T-shirt in the usual way, and let our T-shirt turn white after drying.

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