What Is A Hat

A cap, a garment worn on the head, most often covering the entire top of the head.Hats are mainly used to protect the head, and some hats have protruding edges to block out the sun.Hat has shading, decoration, warming and protection and other functions, so there are a lot of categories, the choice also has a lot of attention.

Hats can also be used for grooming. First choose the right hat according to the face shape.Second, choose a hat according to your figure.Wearing a hat is like wearing a dress.The form and color of the hat must match the dress.Hats can also be used to protect hairstyles, cover bald heads, or as part of a uniform or religious dress.Different kinds, such as high hat, sun hat and so on.Some hats have an overhanging canopy called a visor.Wearing hats has different etiquette in different cultures.This is especially important in western cultures, where wearing a hat used to be a social status symbol.

Hat types have many varieties, according to the use of points, there are snow cap, rain cap, sun hat, helmet, dust cap, nightcap, work cap, travel cap, hat, etc.;According to the objects and styles used, there are men’s hats, women’s hats, children’s hats, ethnic minority hats, lovers’ hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military hats, police hats, professional hats, etc.According to the production materials, professors have a hat, felt hat, wool hat and long hair fu cap, top hat, straw, bamboo hat, etc;According to the style characteristic cent, has the beret, the duck cap, the bell cap, the triangle pointed cap, the forward cap, the youth cap, the shawl cap, the brimless cap, the longjiang cap, the jing type cap, the shanxi cap, the cotton ear cap, the octagonal cap, the melon skin cap, the tiger head cap and so on.
Hat is still a kind of fashionable decoration in modern times, which is pursued by many fashionable young people.Different hats can be worn on different occasions, with high practicality.Choosing the right hat can also show off your personality.

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