What if the customized cotton T-shirt shrinks

Pure cotton should be the most exposed fabric in our daily life, especially clothing, cotton clothing is soft and comfortable to wear, sweat-absorbent and breathable, and the cost performance is relatively high. Nowadays, many companies, groups and individuals also like to customize cotton T- shirts . They can have their own custom T-shirts by printing their own patterns and texts on their clothes . However, the cotton T-shirt also has a shortcoming that it is easy to shrink.

Custom cotton T-shirt

If you choose a custom cotton T-shirt

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a T-shirt with better quality. A good quality cotton T-shirt will be pre-appeared in the process of production, which is to help you shrink in advance. Moreover, there will be a shrinkage, even after the T-shirt has just been washed, there is no need to worry about the use of shrinkage due to shrinkage.

Custom Cotton T-Shirt – Choose Blended Cotton T-Shirt

In fact, the cotton or cotton T-shirts that people often say in their mouths are basically not 100% cotton. In fact, you don’t have to blindly follow and stick to 100% cotton. Because in fact 100% cotton is very easy to wrinkle and deform. And the 100% cotton T-shirt has poor elasticity and support, and it doesn’t look good on the body.

Therefore, many cotton T-shirts and T-shirts are made of cotton fabric with 70% cotton and other fabrics, which can ensure the breathability and comfort of cotton at the same time, and at the same time be more beautiful and elastic.

Therefore, when selecting a T-shirt fabric, the following types of blended cotton can be selected.

1. Cotton polyester: 80% cotton + 20% polyester. It overcomes the shortcomings of cotton being easy to wrinkle and deform, and the moisture absorption is as good as that of pure cotton.

2. Cotton + nylon: It is elastic and has a silky feel and is comfortable to wear.

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