To take you to understand the professional fabric terminology of online clothing customization

Nowadays, when we customize clothing on the Internet, we often encounter some technical terms. The so-called interlaced mountains, we will be confused by various professional names. Do you know the terms of yarn count, warp and weft density, shrinkage rate, etc. When we customize clothing online, we also need to understand some related terms, so that we can communicate with customized merchants and make satisfactory clothes.

  In the custom fabric of clothing, the yarn count is the basic unit of the finished fabric. The number of the yarn count is inversely proportional to its thickness. The larger the number, the thinner the finer, and the corresponding quality requirements for the raw material (cotton) are higher. The yarn count of the bedding fabric is generally divided into 21, 30, 40, 60, and 80 according to the thickness. The common bedding is 40. The suitable bedding yarn should be 40 twill fabrics in the summer and 21 plain fabrics in the winter.

The warp and weft density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged per square inch. As commonly seen, “40×40/128×68” means 40 warp yarns and weft yarns respectively, and the warp and weft density is 128×68, which is also the choice of bedding. An important technical indicator of the purchase, the higher the bed density of the same count, the better, the high support can be high density. The reason why sweaters can keep warm is because there are 250 yarns per square inch, and the fine density brings high heat retention.

  The shrinkage of the fabric refers to the percentage of fabric shrinkage after washing or immersion. In general, fabrics with a high shrinkage rate are synthetic fibers and blended fabrics, followed by wool, linen, and cotton. “Objectively speaking, there are some problems in shrinking and fading of cotton fabrics. The key is to finish the finishing of the fabric. Therefore, the general textile fabrics have been pre-shrinked.” Experts said that after pre-shrinking treatment does not mean not shrinking, but The shrinkage rate is controlled within the national standard, and such products can be purchased with confidence.

In the custom clothing industry, there is often a time when the custom communication process occurs. We want to get a custom-made clothing that is satisfactory. These related terms are still necessary to know about it.

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