Tips for making a custom-made T-shirt wrinkle-free

 In summer, the most clothes we wear should be T-shirts. Nowadays, many young people choose to customize T-shirts in order to show their personality, or to promote corporate style and publicity for businesses. Usually T-shirts are custom-made T-shirts. The bottom shirt is printed with patterns and texts that you like or design. T-shirts have a very troublesome problem, that is, wrinkled, crumpled T-shirts are really affecting the appearance of the body, and not everyone has the energy to iron each T-shirt one by one, this is We need to pay attention to some details when cleaning, wearing, and folding T-shirts. 

1. When you are wet, you should dry it, and put the custom T-shirts neatly. If you do it, it will not be easy to wrinkle. There are special places to pay attention when drying T-shirts: the collar should be as good as when it is worn, and the clothes should be flattened. It is best to find hangers that are about the same width as the shoulders. If the hangers are too small, the T-shirts will have two hangers on the shoulders. If the hangers are too wide, the hangers will be easy to have on the sleeves. Solution, you can find two clips, adjust the rotator cuff of the T-shirt to the position of this, and clip it with a clip. If you are worried that the T-shirt will hang up and may be out of shape, you can also buy a flat basket (like a bamboo pole) that can be used to dry clothes, so that it will not be out of shape.

2. Also pay attention to the custom T shirts, stack the T-shirts neatly. To understand why a T-shirt will wrinkle, it is mainly pressed in an incorrect way. So try to avoid this situation. Therefore, try to stack the T-shirts neatly. It is best to stack the plastic bags in the T-shirts. The T-shirts and T-shirts should also be separated by plastic bags. In this way, when some of the extrusion, the plastic will buffer a part of the pressure, in addition, can also reduce the friction between the clothing. Very slippery, generally not easy to wrinkle. Or just hang up the T-shirt directly.

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