Some Tips on Floor rug Maintenance

1.Clean up in time.Use vacuum cleaner to clean every day, do not wait until a large number of besmirch and dirt infiltration floor rug fiber after cleaning, only often clean, ability is easy to clean.When cleaning the floor rug, pay attention to clean the floor under the floor rug.

2.Use evenly.Floor rug shop is used after a few years, had better adjust put a position, make wear and tear even.If there are any bumps or bumps, pat them gently or use a steam iron.

3.Decontamination method.Ink available citric acid to wipe, wipe a place to wash, and then with a dry towel to wipe moisture: coffee, cocoa, tea stains can be used glycerin away: fruit juice can use cold water to add a small amount of dilute aqua ammonia solution to remove: paint stains into gasoline in washing powder with gruel, to paint in the evening, after waiting for the next morning with warm water cleaning and moisture blot with a dry towel.

4.Remove foreign bodies.Floor rug falls the material with some of downy, confetti and other light quality, vacuum cleaner can solve.If be not careful to break a glass on floor rug, usable some wider tape paper sticks broken glass: be like broken glass to show powdery, usable cotton dips in water to stick, reoccupy vacuum cleaner sucks.

5.Floor rug has coke mark, not serious when, usable bristle brush or nickel will burn out the wool of the part is brushed if serious coke mark is in, reoccupy book presses above, wait until dry hind, in undertake combing.

6.Dust the floor rug.Sweep floor rug after soaking broom in soapy water, maintain broom wet, sprinkle next on fine salt, reoccupy broom is swept, wipe with dry dishcloth finally clean.When clean floor rug, conditional can wash chemical fiber floor rug, air is dry.I have to spend some time and time in the sun and spend it on rugs, and try to remove the dust from them by turning them over and slapping them on a string.This will also be effective in killing mites on floor rugs.

Vinegar to get rid of pet odors on the floor rug.Add 4 cups of vinegar to 4 cups of heated water, soak and wring dry with a towel and wipe.Vinegar will not only keep the floor rug from discoloring or fading, but it will also get rid of pet odors.After wiping, put it in ventilated place again air – dry can.When floor rug dirt removes a law to clear floor rug, can sprinkle a bit salt first, have restrain the function that dirt flies in the air.Because salt traps dust, even the smallest particles can be cleaned up.In the meantime, still can let floor rug become more durable, often keep color gorgeous.

8. How to remove coffee stains from the floor rug.If do not take care to sprinkle coffee on the floor rug, can use dry cloth or tissue to absorb moisture, mix again the liquor of same amount and alcohol sprinkle on besmirch, pat with dry cloth wipe clean.If white wine is not available, vinegar has the same effect.In view of this, in the home if there is the liquor that drinks to remain, but be apt to make full use of, maintain house cleanness.In addition to coffee, the same method can be used to remove food stains, including black tea, that are prone to staining.

9. How to remove gum stuck to the floor rug.First, use plastic bags with ice to press on the top of the gum to solidify the gum, and then use your hand to test, until the gum is completely hard, then use a brush or toothbrush to remove it, and finally brush thoroughly clean.Do not want arbitrary use chemical diluent medicaments, because such can make floor rug damage instead, gain outweighs lose.

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