Shower Curtain With “Thorns”

It’s an extreme measure to save water – a shower curtain that physically ejects the user after four minutes.
Specifically targeted at those who spend leisurely periods of time in the bathroom, London-based artist, Elisabeth Buecher, created the unique product to force people to change their water-wasting habits.

Named ‘Spiky’, the shower curtain features soft plastic spikes which lie flaccid during the shower, and upon reaching the time limit, dramatically inflate and jut outwards, forcing the user out.
‘Spiky’ functions by rigging the tap with a sensor which triggers the non-painful spikes after reaching the four-minute limit.
The colorful soft spikes are attached to a plastic shower curtain, and after expanding with air, trap the bewildered user, ensuring the shower swiftly becomes an uncomfortable and cramped experience.

In the humorous demonstration images, a woman is seen having a shower in a stall, with the spikes hanging loosely on the wall. She is seen to be engaging in some in-shower singing, wasting water while taking her leisurely wash.
The soft spikes are next seen to inflate and immediately jut into the terrified user, who clutches on frantically. She tries to reclaim her balance, and is unable to continue her enjoyable experience, as the spikes take up all available space.
Although undoubtedly an ingenious water-saving tool, many have questioned its flexibility, particularly for those that need to wash their hair – an exercise which will certainly last longer than four minutes.
However, as it stands, the shower curtain is currently only an art installation and not available for commercial sale.
But the artist has told Huffington Post: ‘I would love to develop it into a commercial product. People get very excited about it for lots of different reasons … design, ecology, education, art.
The light-hearted invention is part of the textile-based artist and educator’s project, My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior.

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