What’s the Difference Between T-shirts and Shirts

  1. T-shirt, also known as cultural shirt, undershirt.Decorated with specific patterns or text, round collar, short sleeves, mostly knitted cotton.The T-shirt is the transliteration of “T-shirt”, keeping the English letter “T”.
  2. Shirt.A buttoned cardigan, plain or patterned, with a reversible collar.It started in Europe in the late 1600s and became popular around the world after 1900.
    Somebody compares perfume to the second dress of the woman, to the man that pursues real feeling, shirt is the first skin of the man.The earliest shirts were made with ropes around the front of a man’s shirt before buttons were applied.

Wearing occasion
Unless you’re an artist or fashion person, don’t wear a floral or black collared shirt to work.And if the company organizes the employee to go to the seaside vacation, you are still wearing the suit when working in the company, you must look like “alien”, so distinguish the occasion to wear the right shirt, is very important.

  1. Formal occasions
    Select only partial shirts, not t-shirts.
    Suits are plain, usually in black, navy blue, grey and dark brown.So a dress shirt should also be a solid, non-striped shirt, usually white or light blue, which is more formal than any other color.The collar of formal outfit shirt has big point to get, point to get, level horn to wait, should not choose the shirt that there is bright buckle on collar normally, also cannot choose the shirt that kind of vertical does not have lapel.
  2. Informal situations
    T-shirts and shirts are available.
    Even in a country as traditional as Britain, many industries are “reforming” rigorous dress habits.Led by emerging industries such as IT, many companies around the world are promoting “semi-formal” attire on fridays, even during normal working hours, or on business trips.
    Semi-formal dress is usually a western-style jacket or jacket worn with a semi-formal shirt, no tie.You don’t have to match the color and fabric of your jacket. You can even choose khaki or denim.
  3. Dinner reception
    For grand reception, only part of the shirt can be selected, not the T-shirt.A regular party can do both.
    On the reception with special ceremonious, had better wear black western-style suit, can match the white shirt of high grade silk fabrics, match a few more colourful tie.If do not choose silk shirt, also should choose French cuff at least (namely turn over cuff, with cufflink) shirt, dozen match the tonal of good cufflink and tie.
    Even if you don’t have any of the things described above, don’t wear “semi-formal” clothes to the party, especially if you are the host or the guest of honor.Never show up in a floral shirt or striped blazer (or jacket). It’s disrespectful and shows you have no culture or taste.

Hoodie Material

There are several kinds of hoodies, and the kind of hoodies you buy depends on your personal preferences and habits. Here are some of the names of the hoodies and their characteristics to make it easier for you to buy hoodies according to your own needs.
Hoodies range from thin to thick and feature the following:
1.Terry cloth. A fabric formed by pulling the strands of a fabric out of the fabric by a machine in accordance with a certain rule and a certain length.Features are plump and thick, strong and thick cloth body, good elasticity, moisture absorption, heat preservation, stable loop structure, with good performance. The hoodie of this kind of qualitative material, do not suit close-fitting to wear, but it has the feature of not easy out of shape, suit outside more, go in and out a few more noisy and messy places, the outer coat that serves as a kind of better protection property is right also.

  1. Fleece. It is the long wool formed in the weaving process;Short hairs formed by shearing after knitting in a loop;Pull the fiber out of the floating line of grey knitted fabric to form fluff.It is characterized by soft texture, plump hand, and increased warmth due to the formation of nap. This kind of hoodie, soft in texture, can be worn close to the skin of people who are not particularly sensitive.It has a strong heat preservation, suitable for winter and winter wear to keep out the cold, but does not appear bloated.
  2. Lambs. Lamb down itself is not a standard term, is the customary business name, does not belong to cashmere products.The chemical composition of lambs is 70% polyester and 30% nitrile.The characteristic is not easy to rise static electricity, after ignites burns the chicken feather the taste. This kind of material hoodies, using antistatic materials.This kind of hoodie can be worn on dry days that are prone to static, keeping you away from things that are easily attracted to static, such as dust or pet hair.

3.Cotton.Cotton children’s hoodies are also popular because they are warm, comfortable and naturally healthy.Cotton can also be mixed in a little bit, and the hoodies are knitted loops. This kind of hoodie is made of soft material, which is more suitable for close-fitting and suitable for children or people with sensitive skin. However, there is a disadvantage that cotton clothes are prone to deformation due to too much washing.

Hat Culture

In Britain, you can see many social customs associated with hats.If a man is visiting a friend, he must take off his hat when he enters the room.If you are going to a dinner party with friends or relatives, you should not only take off your hat when you enter the restaurant, but you should also hang your hat or put it on a chair nearby. You should not put your hat on the dining table.When you meet someone in the street, if you are a woman, you only need to nod, smile or say hello to that person, greeting a few words, but if you are a man, when you meet a woman acquaintance, generally also take off your hat salute.
The custom of removing one’s hat to show respect is reflected in the English language.For example, the English phrase “hatinhand” can mean “very respectful.”Another idiom, takeone’shatoffto ‘(someone), literally means to takeone’shatoffto someone, and its extension means to look up to someone.
In addition, Britain has a black bowlerhat, known as abowlerhat(said to be designed by a London hatter named JohnBowler in 1950), which is popular among gentlemen and businessmen, and has become a symbol of British men’s social status.If anyone wears a black, new, straight bowlerhat, he will be looked up to, on the contrary, a man wearing an old bowler will be looked down upon.The word “badhat,” which means “bad guy,” and “asblackasahat,” which describes something asblack, are not unrelated to the black bowler hat.
The British parliament once had a rule: members of parliament are not allowed to wear a hat into the chamber, and must wear a hat when speaking.So many MPS simply enter the chamber bare-headed and speak in public hats prepared by the chamber.Thus, in the course of an argument, one can see a hat being passed from speaker to speaker.When contention is intense, the cap flies in the air to pass, add whistle sound, stomp foot sound, resemble to be doing a kind of to pass thing game without beating drum sound really.Even more curious was the fact that no matter how big or small their heads were, they could only wear the same hat, which often caused laughter.
There are a lot of hat culture, here is not one by one to provide you.Suggest everybody buys a cap, oneself experience cap culture.Maybe you will find more interesting cultures and I hope you can share them with us.