“Lao Gan Ma” Hoodies Appear During Fashion Feek

If you want to know who the national goddess is, it must be Lao gan ma.The original queen of the tongue is on the cutting edge of fashion. The “Lao gan ma” hoodie was the highlight of the New York fashion week China day promotion.The hoodie has a red background and carries the iconic Lao gan ma logo on its chest.Known for conquering people’s taste buds, Lao gan ma is undoubtedly showing off her “appearance level” to the world, displaying a “local taste” fashion.And this style seems to be quite popular with foreigners, there have been several stores.

In addition, at this New York fashion week, yunnan baiyao, shuangmei, master kong and other national brand logos also appeared in different styles of clothing.It can be seen that these national brands are trying to break the traditional pattern out of the new road.

However, the development of national brands now really needs innovation and transformation, and needs to constantly meet the needs of consumers, especially the needs of the younger generation, so as to make them “stay young”.Of course, the emergence of “Lao gan ma”, “yunnan baiyao” and other clothes does not mean that they abandon the original main brands to enter the fashion industry, but to increase the degree of fashion and exposure to attract the attention of young consumers.

This is not uncommon. For example, at New York fashion week earlier this year, li ning, a domestic brand, appeared on the international stage with fashionable clothes that overturned the stereotype of sports in many people’s minds.Li ning, which was once stuck in a growth bottleneck, has gained attention by trying to transform itself, and its share price has continued to rise to a six-year high.
In recent years, more and more Chinese brands have appeared at New York fashion week, including well-known Chinese clothing brands such as li ning, bosideng and soma, and gradually national brands such as Lao gan ma and yunnan baiyao have also participated in the crossover.This not only reflects the development needs of globalization, but also represents the attempt of old brands to seek innovation and transformation.In the ever-changing market environment, the younger generation of consumer groups are leading the mainstream.Therefore, the development of national brands also needs to keep pace with The Times to adapt to the changing consumer demand.

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