How to Remove the Pattern From the Hoodie

Sometimes, we may buy hoodies on a whim, impulse shopping, and then go home and don’t like the pattern, at this time we can remove the print on it?Learn how to get rid of the print on your hoodie!
How to remove the pattern from the hoodie

  1. If it’s offset, heat the iron.
  2. Then flatten your patterned clothes and use an unused towel or fabric tip, but be thin and lay it over the pattern.
  3. Then use an electric iron for repeated ironing.So that the pattern sticks to the towel.
    What do you use to remove the offset from the hoodie
  4. the hair dryer heats up
    Get a hair dryer and start blowing hot air at the spot where you want to remove the offset marks. This will make the offset marks soft and sticky.
  5. with a knife
    Find a small art knife, first oil offset printing clothes with a hairdryer blow, and then use a knife gently scratch those offset marks, if you are worried about scratching clothes, then find a small file directly file is ok.
  6. tape
    After the first two ways to do, clothes will certainly be some offset, at this time take the tape to stick on it, with your fingers to press and then quickly tear off, these remaining offset will be removed.
  7. iron
    Come, at this time, the electric iron but ceremonious stage, if the above three methods can not be removed, electric iron kept ironing these offset printing quickly, remember, ironing the opposite oh.
    Can the pattern on the hoodie be washed off?
    The patterns on the clothes need to be removed. Generally, they cannot be removed by washing. We suggest you consult a professional hot stamping shop for treatment.Washing clothes needs to check the washing labels of clothes. Washing clothes according to the precautions on the washing labels can effectively prolong the wearing life of clothes.

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