How to customize the imitation hot stamping T-shirt

When customizing the printing T-shirt , we can choose the printing process that we want, such as the imitation hot stamping process. Under the sun, it will shine like a pearl, and the prints will be dazzling. 

The imitation hot stamping T-shirt is very widely used, and the operation method is very simple. It not only saves energy, but also does not cause secondary pollution, and achieves clean production. It is an emerging environmentally friendly printing material.

Toning imitation hot gold paste

In the process of using the tonable imitation bronzing paste, first, in the grading, the aqueous color paste is directly added to the sizing color according to the requirements of the design pattern.

Then, when the bottom is made, in order to reduce the production cost and improve the competitiveness, it is recommended that the printing factory can use the transparent pulp to make the base according to the plane condition of the substrate, and then cover the imitation hot gold paste.

After the printing process is completed, there is the effect of bronzing gold stamping, and the imitation bronzing/silver printing has superior water resistance and abrasion resistance than bronzing paste printing.

Imitation foil print T-shirt customized process flow is the picture → drying mesh (80-100 mesh) toner → → → printing → drying → bottoming finished oh such a process.

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