Hoodie Material

There are several kinds of hoodies, and the kind of hoodies you buy depends on your personal preferences and habits. Here are some of the names of the hoodies and their characteristics to make it easier for you to buy hoodies according to your own needs.
Hoodies range from thin to thick and feature the following:
1.Terry cloth. A fabric formed by pulling the strands of a fabric out of the fabric by a machine in accordance with a certain rule and a certain length.Features are plump and thick, strong and thick cloth body, good elasticity, moisture absorption, heat preservation, stable loop structure, with good performance. The hoodie of this kind of qualitative material, do not suit close-fitting to wear, but it has the feature of not easy out of shape, suit outside more, go in and out a few more noisy and messy places, the outer coat that serves as a kind of better protection property is right also.

  1. Fleece. It is the long wool formed in the weaving process;Short hairs formed by shearing after knitting in a loop;Pull the fiber out of the floating line of grey knitted fabric to form fluff.It is characterized by soft texture, plump hand, and increased warmth due to the formation of nap. This kind of hoodie, soft in texture, can be worn close to the skin of people who are not particularly sensitive.It has a strong heat preservation, suitable for winter and winter wear to keep out the cold, but does not appear bloated.
  2. Lambs. Lamb down itself is not a standard term, is the customary business name, does not belong to cashmere products.The chemical composition of lambs is 70% polyester and 30% nitrile.The characteristic is not easy to rise static electricity, after ignites burns the chicken feather the taste. This kind of material hoodies, using antistatic materials.This kind of hoodie can be worn on dry days that are prone to static, keeping you away from things that are easily attracted to static, such as dust or pet hair.

3.Cotton.Cotton children’s hoodies are also popular because they are warm, comfortable and naturally healthy.Cotton can also be mixed in a little bit, and the hoodies are knitted loops. This kind of hoodie is made of soft material, which is more suitable for close-fitting and suitable for children or people with sensitive skin. However, there is a disadvantage that cotton clothes are prone to deformation due to too much washing.

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