I don’t know if the friends have discovered that the fall has come quietly? The cool breeze in the autumn blows away the heat of summer nights. Soon, our summer dresses can be quietly returned to the closet, and the autumn clothes can be packed and taken out. Of course, the most common basic styles of autumn are indispensable to our hoodiess, and you know? Hoodiess can also be customized like T-shirts. Print our favorite designs on the hoodiess, even photos and texts, all of which are our own custom-made hoodiess.  

Custom hoodies pattern – gugugaga

A custom-made hoodies with “chicken and duck talk” is so lively and extraordinary, and the cute index is bursting. The yellow chick and the white duckling are really cute, and the cute playfulness will not help you. The text embroidery on the clothes and the chick duckling pattern are cute and cute. When you wear it, you feel that you are the little chicken or duckling, cute and cute. 
 A loose hoodies version can be added inside without a bloated look.

Custom hoodies pattern – rabbit and star

This custom hoodies pattern is too cute and too young, and it is not the kind that OMG can’t. I never thought that the dark color can be a sweet feeling, and this one has done it. In fact, the style of the custom hoodies is mainly determined by our custom pattern. Dark blue and black have the same slimming effect and are also stain resistant. The print on the front of the hoodies has a bright color, which is in sharp contrast with the color of the body. The pattern of the stars and the English rabbit with a bag of stars are all showing your cuteness and cuteness.

Custom hoodies pattern – happy duck today

This custom-made hoodies hooded opening design does not have a neck, loose version, does not pick people to wear, cover the meat and is thin, loose version can be added inside a piece does not appear bloated or tight stretch. The theme of the custom-made hoodies pattern “Today’s Happy Duck” is interesting. The overall color is white and orange. The color is bright and 
will not become the background board when walking in the crowd. The key white yellow color is white, and it can be found back in the summer sun.

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