Floor rug Material

Floor rug is made of high grade pure wool, pass again choose wool, wash wool, comb wool, dye, weave blanket, cut piece, wash wait for working procedure processing and become.It has the characteristics of fine wool quality, unique technique and elegant design, which makes it stand out in the world and is the main export handicraft of China.

Floor rug is the ground cover that uses raw material such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, coir palm or chemical fiber to process and become.Including hand-tufted Floor rugs, machine-made Floor rugs and hand-made felt Floor rugs.Broad sense still includes matting, cushion, wall to hang, tabernacle, saddle pad, door shade, stage blanket to wait.In the neolithic age, people twisted animal hair into yarn and wove thick woollen products to pave the ground.The Floor rug fragments unearthed from the tombs of the eastern han dynasty in China are typical hand-tufted Floor rugs.After the han dynasty, the silk road promoted Floor rug production in central China.In the yuan dynasty, the Mongolian people lived a nomadic life, so the Floor rug production was developed.During the Ming and qing dynasties, Floor rug production in xinjiang,   Tibet, gansu, ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other regions developed. On the basis of inheriting the traditional Floor rug technology and combining the characteristics of brocade and embroidery, unique auspicious Floor rug patterns were created, which have been spreading all the time.In the 20th century, Beijing and tianjin established enterprises to produce Floor rugs for export and became the key production areas of        Floor rugs in China.The traditional producing areas of hand-knotted Floor rugs in the world are concentrated in east Asia, central Asia and countries at the border of Europe and Asia.Since 1720, the first British Floor rug loom in Brussels, the machine-made Floor rug came into being. Up to now, the machine-made Floor rug has accounted for 99% of the world’s total consumption, while the hand-made Floor rug only accounts for 1%.Floor rug classification methods are many, according to the manufacturing process divided into hand-tufted Floor rug, hand-woven plain Floor rug, hand-tufted Floor rug, hand-made Floor rug, mechanism Floor rug;Floor rug, kang blanket, tapestry, prayer blanket, etc.By raw material cent has wool Floor rug, silk blanket, jute Floor rug, chemical fiber Floor rug to wait.

Floor rug also known as lichen, that is, spread on the floor of the woven goods.The Floor rug of China has a long history. As early as 2000 years ago, xinjiang in the west of China produced Floor rug and could weave all kinds of patterns.Later the craft that weaves Floor rug passes into central plains area, applicable area is more and more wide.Bai juyi, a great poet of the tang dynasty, wrote in his poem “red thread Floor rug” that “people who don’t know the cold should be warm, and people’s clothes should be taken away for lichen”.According to literature record, arrive in tang song Ming and qing dynasties, the breed of Floor rug is increasing, the Floor rug that makes, often make with cotton, wool, hemp and paper rope wait for raw material to weave and become.Woven Floor rug produced in China USES high-strength veil yarn as warp and ground weft, on which colored coarse woof weft is tied according to the pattern to form plush, which is then woven through the process of shearing and brushing.The facade is densely packed with standing plush, solid texture, good elasticity.Especially in xinjiang hetian region produced by the more valuable Floor rug, the “Oriental Floor rug” reputation.The Floor rugs produced there are not only of good quality, but also of great yield.It is also exported to Europe, central Asia and more than a dozen countries and regions.Among them, the largest Floor rug was a 1,250kg Floor rug woven by urumqi Floor rug factory for xinkhai hall of the great hall of the people in 1981, which was praised as the “king of Floor rugs”.In 1966, a cotton blanket was unearthed in lanxi, zhejiang province. It is 2.51 meters long and 1.18 meters wide. It is plain weave, with velvet on both sides and flat and thick.After identification, the material used is straw cotton fiber.This cotton Floor rug was woven in the southern song dynasty.This is the earliest cotton blanket ever made.Thus it can be seen that Floor rug weaving technology had reached a very high level at that time.

At present, xinjiang promoted Floor rug ironing new technology step by step again, make the quality of Floor rug has rise again.The 540 and 720 Floor rugs they developed are exquisitely crafted and of high artistic value.

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