Floor rug and Health

People move into new house often buy floor rug to decorate the bedroom one time.

However, floor rug has a subtle harm to people’s bodies, which is often not known.

floor rug fabric because of its warp and weft line more coarse, space is bigger, the most easy to accumulate dust.Trace amounts of dust and fine eaves spread into the indoor air, contaminating the clean air.Heating indoor heating through the winter, these dust particles will change the original nature, become a more harmful gaseous material to the human body.

In recent years, a kind of disease caused by floor rug appears in Japan, the patient is much department young child.Its main symptom is fever does not go back, after taking medicine the effect is not big.Then his tongue swelled, his hands peeled, and in severe cases he died.

This is caused by mites, which breed in floor rugs.The microbe feeds on cellular debris from human skin, which can cause disease once it enters the lungs or bronchi.And child resistance is weak, love to play on floor rug again, reason disease rate is highest.

The expert suggests had better not use the floor rug of big piece to spread the floor completely;The 2nd it is to choose board of woodiness ground to spell together spread the ground;The third is to use the floor leather floor;Fourth, put a small floor rug in front of the bed and sofa.

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