Floor rug and Health

People move into new house often buy floor rug to decorate the bedroom one time. However, floor rug has a subtle harm to people’s bodies, which is often not known. floor rug fabric because of its warp and weft line more coarse, space is bigger, the most easy to accumulate dust.Trace amounts of dust and fine eaves spread […]

Some Tips on Floor rug Maintenance

1.Clean up in time.Use vacuum cleaner to clean every day, do not wait until a large number of besmirch and dirt infiltration floor rug fiber after cleaning, only often clean, ability is easy to clean.When cleaning the floor rug, pay attention to clean the floor under the floor rug. 2.Use evenly.Floor rug shop is used […]

Maintenance and Cleaning of Shower Curtain

The area of your home where most of the water vapor accumulates is where you take a bath.You don’t know it, and bacteria just jump in.The air above the tub has the most bacteria, which are harmful to the body.Be sure to clean up in time. Open the window after a shower to ventilate.Especially the […]

Shower Curtain With “Thorns”

It’s an extreme measure to save water – a shower curtain that physically ejects the user after four minutes. Specifically targeted at those who spend leisurely periods of time in the bathroom, London-based artist, Elisabeth Buecher, created the unique product to force people to change their water-wasting habits. Named ‘Spiky’, the shower curtain features soft […]

How do you Match a Black Hoodie

Hooded paragraph hoodies already became the new favour of young men and women, it itself is young fan wear build necessary, combine the design of hooded cap, gutless cool and recreational breath, be loved by tide men deeply.Casual daily street, a black joker hoodie, a simple head can easily go out, do not bother to […]

“Lao Gan Ma” Hoodies Appear During Fashion Feek

If you want to know who the national goddess is, it must be Lao gan ma.The original queen of the tongue is on the cutting edge of fashion. The “Lao gan ma” hoodie was the highlight of the New York fashion week China day promotion.The hoodie has a red background and carries the iconic Lao […]

What Body Type is a Hoodie Suitable for

Hoodies can be worn by anyone of any size, just choose the right size. In fact, there is no wrong person on the clothes, only the wrong place.The type of clothing is not only for those who can wear, but according to the needs of the occasion according to the classification.Hoodies can be worn by […]