How to customize the imitation hot stamping T-shirt

When customizing the printing T-shirt , we can choose the printing process that we want, such as the imitation hot stamping process. Under the sun, it will shine like a pearl, and the prints will be dazzling.  The imitation hot stamping T-shirt is very widely used, and the operation method is very simple. It not only saves energy, but also does not […]

What if the customized cotton T-shirt shrinks

Pure cotton should be the most exposed fabric in our daily life, especially clothing, cotton clothing is soft and comfortable to wear, sweat-absorbent and breathable, and the cost performance is relatively high. Nowadays, many companies, groups and individuals also like to customize cotton T- shirts . They can have their own custom T-shirts by printing their own patterns and texts on […]

Good-looking printed hoodies custom printed

I don’t know if the friends have discovered that the fall has come quietly? The cool breeze in the autumn blows away the heat of summer nights. Soon, our summer dresses can be quietly returned to the closet, and the autumn clothes can be packed and taken out. Of course, the most common basic styles of autumn […]

To take you to understand the professional fabric terminology of online clothing customization

Nowadays, when we customize clothing on the Internet, we often encounter some technical terms. The so-called interlaced mountains, we will be confused by various professional names. Do you know the terms of yarn count, warp and weft density, shrinkage rate, etc. When we customize clothing online, we also need to understand some related terms, so that […]

Tips for making a custom-made T-shirt wrinkle-free

 In summer, the most clothes we wear should be T-shirts. Nowadays, many young people choose to customize T-shirts in order to show their personality, or to promote corporate style and publicity for businesses. Usually T-shirts are custom-made T-shirts. The bottom shirt is printed with patterns and texts that you like or design. T-shirts have a very troublesome problem, that […]

White t-shirt how to use the easiest way to wash

Whenever the summer is coming, the friends must find out the clothes from last year’s wardrobe. Of course, there are enough talented and talented friends to choose to wear a season of clothes and throw them directly…but for Of course, ordinary people will not be so extravagant. The summer clothes are definitely the largest T-shirts. […]

Why does Bath Curtain Always Stick to Inside

 “The inletting of shower curtains is one of the most annoying things about standing in a bathtub and taking a shower,” according to photoshop, which was involved in discussing the “mystery” back in 1938.At the time we thought the phenomenon was caused by the movement of air currents.The hot air generated by the shower tends […]

How Much do you Know About the Shower Curtain in the Bathroom

In order to separate the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, many owners will do some dry and wet separation design.In all sorts of methods, the practice that number prevents water bath curtain is the most simple and convenient, the price also is the most substantial.Waterproof shower curtain price is lower, is acceptable to […]

Floor rug and Health

People move into new house often buy floor rug to decorate the bedroom one time. However, floor rug has a subtle harm to people’s bodies, which is often not known. floor rug fabric because of its warp and weft line more coarse, space is bigger, the most easy to accumulate dust.Trace amounts of dust and fine eaves spread […]